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If your website can't be found on Google or other search engines then what's the point?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the activity of making your website accessible & understandable to Google and other search engines (eg Bing, Ask) and ensuring it is catagorised correctly and listed as highly as possible.

SEO is somewhat of a dark art. Search engines don’t publish the rules they use to categorise and rank websites in order to stop people targeting the rules rather than making the best website for their customers.

Historically many SEO companies have used “black hat” techniques to try to trick or circumvent the search engines in order to get higher rankings than their site deserves. At ARG Web Design & Development we won’t do that. We believe it is unethical & too risky - if you get caught you can be completely delisted by the search engine - imagine your site is not listed on Google at all?

To optimise your search presence we’ll do it the right way. First and most importantly make sure your website is correctly built for the search engines to understand:

Once the site is technically correct we would look at the content itself to make sure that it is easily understandable, properly represents what you do & is keyword rich.

With the website working correctly, if there is still a need, we then look at ways to drive traffic to the website. There are many ways to do it - and we’ll agree what’s best for you. This could include social media, email campaigns, paid advertising and many others.

We won’t make any guarantees when it comes to SEO. We won’t promise to “get you on the first page of Google” (whatever that means). We can’t honestly do that. But we will do it the right way.