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It's important to get the right email provider. It needs to reliable, easily accesible and able to grow with your organisation.

If you are individual email is easy - you just use the email address that your internet provider gives you or setup with an independent supplier like GMail or Outlook.

For business it is different, having does not look professional, so you need to look at other solutions. There are many available depending on your requirements.

Often you get a solution when you purchase your domain but they are usually very limited - particularly for inbox storage space - so you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. RG Web Design & Development can help you find the right provider.

We have a lot of experience working with Google’s G-Suite which provides customers with the GMail email experience using their own domain. It has all the benefits of GMail - huge storage, robust infrastructure, great mobile applications while also integrating with other G-Suite services like Calendar and Tasks. We can help you get setup, migrate any existing users and configure G-Suite to your needs.

Whatever your email needs we can help you find the right solution at the right price.